TPMS Programming & Value Stem Replacement

TPMS Programming & Value Stem Replacement

TPMS sensor programming is essential when your tires have lost air. At MAK tires, we will run a check, reset the TPMS and refill your tires. If your vehicle is sending you a TPMS alert, that means the sensor or batteries need to be replaced. At MAK Tires, we will ensure that your pressure monitoring system is working properly! This includes trailer tires and duallys as well!

The value stem is one of the most important parts of your tires. It is what keeps your tires air locked in. However, there are times were the value stem fails and leaks. This can happen even if the tires are not punctured. You do not want to drive with leaking value stem because it can lead to an unexpected flat tire!

So, why wait? Come to MAK Tires, where we get the job done right!

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