“At Mak Tires, our mission is to provide the community and surrounding areas with safe, efficient, and affordable new and used tires”

Flat Tire Repair

At Mak tires we ensure that you are given the best service possible. Often times, replacing a tire is not always necessary. We will examine your times and repair your tire back to the state it was in before!

Tire Rotation

Tired of the vibration coming from your tires? At Mak Tires, we will extend the life of your tires by using the proper tool to spin and measure where the imbalance is!

Valve Stem Replacement

Do you find that your tire is losing air all the time? It may be time for a valve stem replacement. At mak tires, we will install a replacement valve stem to ensure that you no longer have to deal with any tire leaks or punctures!

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TPMS Programming

TPMS sensor programming is essential when your tires have lost air. At Mak tires, we will run a check, reset the TPMS and refill your tires!

Tire Balancing

Tire rotations are important to maintain the life of your tires. We will swap and remount your tires to ensure that your auto has a better grip on the road!